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In the world of investing, money can be used as a tool to fool many with less than a penny. That was the first time investing in Indian stock markets experience I had by relying on non-expat financial advisors and wealth managers. However, I am not generalizing that all businesses in the investing world are incompetent, despite the Indian markets being mercurial. But investing in markets without unnecessary intermediaries with some knowledge and experience would be better. That would save you a chunk of returns that goes to some non-expats third-party brokerage fees, management, and advisory firms, who claim to create alpha for your portfolio. Many online and user-friendly investment platforms, like a Bangalore-based company, charge minimal brokerage fees. Therefore, it has become easier to invest in Indian stock markets as an amateur and save on returns usually spent towards such expenses.

Usually, there are many great banks, institutions, and businesses providing excellent financial advisory, wealth management, and brokerage services and creating alpha for their clients. Yet, as a layman, because of your inexperience or lack of knowledge or maybe because of your advisor's lack of knowledge or experience, you may not be able to beat the market or may not be happy with your returns. While in India from 2017 to 2020, I invested with small-scale third-party advisors and wealth managers, and I needed a better experience. I missed the growth opportunities during that period by investing my money in the wrong places with them for almost five years. 

So, I decided to invest through an online trading and investment Bangalore-based platform and start my research. First, I wanted to start with Mutual Funds and then dive into stocks. My maternal grandfather used to say it would be better to invest on your own and that it takes time to get the handle on investing!


That's when I decided to use my theoretical knowledge and my Master's in Finance degree. With extensive research on Mutual Funds during the pandemic, I developed a portfolio of Indian Mutual Funds and stocks. I started investing in 2022 on an investment platform. Long-term and Ethical investing has been my motto. I did not get much guidance or advice on investing in the real world; hence as an amateur investor, I decided to share my thoughts and process with the world as I set out to explore not just the new era of investing but also the era of ESG investing. 


ESG refers to Environmental, Social, and Governance standards created by institutions, NGOs, business groups, etc. Companies wishing to be certified or to improve their risks in those areas can measure their progress and performance against such standards. This system of ESG framework may be flawed and, like any other system, may be subject to loopholes. Still, it is the closest thing to regulated sustainable investing.


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